• Here comes the bride!

    Our HR Holden is perfect transport for your special day.
  • Perfect; We're finally married!

    All the nerves have calmed and you can start to relax. It's the perfect time for some memorable pics before your nostalgic ride to celebrate with your guests.
  • Vintage HR Holden

    Extremely well presented HR Holden available for your special occasion.
  • Just Married!

    What a way to end the day a smooth, cool ride in our 67 HR Holden. She's immaculate and the perfect "getaway" car.

Vintage HR Holden

They just don't make them like they used to now, do they?

If you would like to carry the Vintage theme a little further, then let us carry you in our exclusive vintage HR Holden.

Our car is in immaculate condition and creates a lasting impression for you and your guests. Arrive in style and take advantage of all the photo opportunities created by having a piece of iconic Australian history at your next event, function or outing. We love our car and we are sure that you and your guests will love it too.

Why not add some nostalgia and relax as we take you on a ride... back in time.